Volume & Issue: Volume 1, 3-5 - Serial Number 3, January 2011, Pages 1-352 
Structural Analysis Of Khaghani poetry

Pages 31-48

Dr. Jalil Tajlil; Dr. Sayyed Gholam Reza Gheybi

The Eagle Trace

Pages 49-78

Dr. Rooholla Hadi

The Morphology of Dream Stories in Sufis’ Prose Texts

Pages 101-123

Dr.Homeira Zomorrodi; Dr.Mahboobeh Heydari

Jami and the frequent Love Story

Pages 125-145

Dr.Baha‘ al-Din Eskandari; Dr.Mohammad Reza Movahedi

A Glance on Elaborative Metaphor

Pages 259-275

Dr. Omid Majd; Saeed Mahdavifar