Bi Quarterly Journal of Persian Literature of Tehran University Faculty of Literature and Humanities is a publication published in the field of Persian literature studies. The Persian language and literature have passed through a lot of hardships in the land of this land for many years and have kept their luster strong. Due to the numerous invasions of tribes from the east and the west, the sweet Persian language not only did not leave this land, but by borrowing from the language of foreigners, it brought about a tremendous transformation in its development and progress, and like a living creature, everyone is fascinated and fascinated to this day. has created and created many chairs at international levels and created many publications throughout the world. Since the University of Tehran, as one of the main supports of the Persian language, is trying to take a big step in the development and expansion of Persian literature. One of the main goals of publishing this magazine is to investigate the developments, influence, expansion and transformation and development of the Persian language in Iran and other Persian-speaking lands with an emphasis on research-oriented structure. The current magazine aims to publish articles in the field of Persian language with a scientific and research structure, which is a big step in the dynamics and expansion of this field. Because Persian language and literature are among the richest treasures of human civilizations. The longevity and antiquity of the Iranian peoples, the literary cultural richness, the multiplicity of sub-cultures and the geographical dispersion of the ethnicities have been the strengthening factor that has made this language preserve its cultural richness for many years. Therefore, to illustrate this important issue, Persian Literature Magazine percent to publish numerous articles in the following fields that have played a significant role in its dynamic and flourishing. These areas include
history of literature
Analysis and interpretation
Theoretical foundations of literature
Comparative literature
Pathology of schools and comparative literature approaches;
The relationship between literature and other knowledge
Research method in literature
Theorizing in the field of literature
Persian literature in different countries of the world with a critical analytical approach;
The relationship between literature and fine arts
Literature and translation studies
Literature and cultural studies
  Scientific explanation, criticism and analysis in literary works
  Presenting theory and expressing new views in contemporary literary flow
A new explanation and interpretation
Literary works in the field of poetry
  writing stories
  Dramatic Literature
contemporary literature
Contemporary literary works