Document Type : Research Paper


Associate Professor, Department of Persian Language and Literature, Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran



Apart from the schools of realism and naturalism, which have a special relationship with the literary type of the novel, the characteristics of other art schools such as symbolism, cubism, impressionism, Dadaism, surrealism and expressionism are mostly represented in arts such as painting, poetry and even theater. Therefore, Meanwhile, the expressionism school has special conditions. The specific attitude of the followers of this school towards reality and the way it is represented, as well as the presence of characteristics such as extreme subjectivism, attention to strange things and avoidance of simulations, have made the relationship of this school with the novel more ambiguous. Therefore, in this article, with the analytical-descriptive method and focusing on the novel "Life is like this" by MohammadHashim Akbaryani, the issue of how to reflect the characteristics of the expressionism school in the literary genre of the novel has been investigated and the question has been answered as to which characteristics of this school From two levels of form and content and in what way is it reflected? The results show that expressionism can appear in the novel at two levels of form and content. At the content level, with features such as dealing with strange and illogical matters, nightmarish atmosphere, typical characters and grotesque world, and at the formal level as well, in the form of paying attention to modern methods in narration, such as the use of the flow of the mind technique, multiple narratives, non-commitment to the classical ending. And episodic structure.


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