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Department of Persian Language and Literature, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran



Yadollah Royaei is one of the poets and theorists of volume poetry or spasmantalism in whose nature nature has a significant presence. A dreamer looks at nature as an independent human being or organism that has the behavior, states, actions, and reactions of a living being. In rhetoric, this type of function is called animism. This animism has two aspects in royaei  poetry, either at the level of composition and in a metaphorical way, or in the axis of companionship and by attributing human adjectives, behaviors, actions and reactions to objects and phenomena. It happens naturally. In royaei poetry, natural phenomena sometimes appear not as a human being but as an independent being. Royaei in animation-related images uses techniques and arrangements that trigger multiple perceptions and interpretations and help the audience to reproduce the work, in other words, it is the audience who recites the poem. Reproduces. In this way, the poet constantly renews his poetry. These tricks include collecting mental images related to animism, using rhetorical interference, and associating eroticism with animism. In this research, we study the techniques and royaei arrangements to achieve multiple interpretations in images related to animism based on the theory and analyze the samples, express multiple interpretations and reasons for interpretability based on We will deal with the measures taken.


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