Nomination and categorization in the social-political poems of Farrokhi Yazdi based on the model of Van Leeuwen's social agents

Document Type : Research Paper


Persian Language and Literature, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran



The literature of the constitutional era is a mixture of social_political conditions of society.Poets and writers present their poems or writings to the audience based on the events of the day as critic, advocate or dissenting.The study of literature in these days is of paramount importance aligend with social and political changes to get basic texture reading,and it,s an exellent source for analysis and investigation in the field of socialogical_semantic studies.Farrokhi Yazdi is one of the poets of commotion period of constitutional era who has put his poetic taste on the service of social goals and concerns and his poems are full of social and folky themes.Diversity of social and national concepts in Farrokhi Yazdi,s poems are required discourse analysis with community_oriented perspective.on this basis,the current research has taken advantages of the application of nomination and categorization in the discourse approach of Van Leeuwen social agents.

This research seeks to show the result of using these two components in Farrokhi Yazdi,s poems and rereading them in his political_social thought system.Based on this,in the first step,verses that have political_social contexts were selected.In the following ,discussed components were marked in every verse and the application rate and statistic of the components were determined .The result of the study show that Farrokhi has paid much attention to deliver social matters indirectly and in a hidden way due to the asphyxiation and mutes of the era .Highest frequency based on the numbers of occurrences respectively,is assigned to the components of negative appraisement,classification,nomination and Functionalization.


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