Delineation of didactic discourse system in several Persian narrative texts

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Persian Language and Literature, Faculty of Literature, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin



On the surface, it may seem that there is no difference in the narrative structure of Persian narrative texts that have an educational motive, and the claim of the creators of these works was to create a narrative text with the intention of conveying a moral message to the audience. These works show that the process of producing meaning in each of these works is based on discourse patterns and unique structural systems; So that each text has a distinct discourse system. Also, the function of the story as a container in these works has many aspects, which can only be achieved by studying the deep structure of the discourse. Accordingly, in the present research, we intend to explain the structural system of several of these works by going through the structure of poetic narratives, so that at the end of the research, we will witness the drawing of the discourse system in each of these works. The results of the current research, which have been provided in a descriptive-analytical way, show that four types of discourse systems: "a system of stepwise development of a message with a high frequency emphasis on a theme", "narrative Chinese introduction and distributive expression of a message", "message development with a tone" There is an address to the motive of persuading the audience" and "Ethical Discourse System of Davarani - Parateti" in Persian didactic texts.


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