- The Plot Development in Maqamat-e Hamidi (A Morphologic and Narrative Approach)



Twenty one Maqamas of Ghazi Hamid al-Din Balkhi’s (died in 559 A.H) work, by the name of Maqamat-e Hamidi (written in 551 A.H), are studied in present article. The study of 6th and 14th Maqamas is postponed because of obvious distinctions of plot structure with the other Maqamas. Each of Maqamas’ plot structure includes 10 functions and develops by increasing or decreasing of the functions. Indeed, the main purpose of this article is to offer a consistent definition of the genre (Maqama) rules in Persian literature. The present approach has been taken from the attitude of Vladimir Propp (1895-1970 A.D.) at Morphology of Fairy-tales (1928 A.D.) and notions of Narrative prose sciences.