The Role of Dar al-Saltana of Tabriz in Creation and evelopment of Voqueai approach to Poetry



The Voquea literary School is strongly associated to the periods of Timurids – especially 2nd half of 15th century – and Safavids from the view of social-political points. The school was founded in the last 15th century and reached its maturity by the end of that century to be continued up to the early 16th century. There have been several sporadic discussions about the poems of Voquea School and their content analysis, but any discussion – as far as the authors have searched- has accomplished about its geographical origin. Concerning the attendance of scouters of Voquea School in Azerbaijan and then the evolutions occurred in Painting field of Tabriz School, the authors of present article have tried to evaluate the role of Dar al-Saltana of Tabriz in adaptation and development of supernatural regards in the fields of Art and Literature