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Sadegh Hedayat, as a pioneer writer of Iranian contemporary novel, has always used psychological motifs in his works. His "Boof-e Koor"[The Blind Owl], out of his other works, is much more influenced by psychological motifs and can be regarded as a psychological novel. What seems important being analyzed in this story is the approach of narrator and his contradictions toward Sadegh Hedayat, himself.
The narrator, as the story’s main axis, is the one whose mind structure should be carefully recognized to judge about his manner of narration. Since the narrator’s mind has many contradictions and incompatibilities, his character structure seems being constructed out of various taboos orienting his mind.
In this study we try to psychoanalyze the narrator’s character, his spiritual taboos and the reasons of their formation to understand why the narrator's character has been formed in this way. Woman seems being the most principle social and psychological taboo of the story. The narrator’s special psychological structure in various stages of his mental development reflects three female characters throughout the story.