Document Type : Research Paper



One of Eco-critical subjects that explore the relation between literature and environment is the man’s specific view to nature, affected by different factors such as sex, time, culture and thought. Persian poems have manifested the variety of man’s relation to nature in the course of literary history. Five general views on nature have been introduced through the study of Persian descriptive poems, in this article, to explore the effects of time and the poets’ specific outlooks in their relations to nature and their descriptive manners. On a more general view, it can be found that some parts of nature description in their poetry is not a description of a severe natural environment, and just few examples can be found giving objective descriptions of nature. At last, the necessity of an Eco-critical approach to nature appropriate to the needs of civilized modern world is going to be discussed. Through such view, we witness some changes in nature description in which all natural phenomenon are beautiful and valuable, apart from man’s choice. This approach can positively affect man’s relation to his environment.