“Visual insight of Rozbahan in exegesis of Arayes- Al- Bayan Fi Haghayegh Al- Quran”



One of the foremost works written by Ibn Abi-Nasr Rozbahan Baghli, one of famous mystics in sixth hegira century (13th AD century) is execgesis of “Arayes Al- Bayan Fi Haghayegh Al-Quran” (literally the banquets of locution in Quranic facts) that despite of its significant position has in history of mystical exegeses and identifying romantic theosophy, it has been left behind shade of anonymity and it might not been noticed classic and recent researches, except for a brief implication.
Mystic experience exercised by Sheikh Rozbahan is the foremost default when exposing to Quranic text and and deemed as a basis for his genostic interpretations about Quranic verses. Interpretation of Quranic implications and concepts resultant from such experience to Rozbahan was not possible only by special speech techniques which are full of Visualization, image and emotion so this caused mixing of thoughts in Rozbahan with visual pictures and figurative language. Thus, Rozbahan’s prose in Arayes Al- Bayan exegesis, like poetical proses, is full of states of imagination. A review of adaption and employing of states of imagination and interpretation of their basis and reason of use in Arayes exegesis is a subject that has been explored in this paper.