Like Volter, French salient author, Al- Jahiz is a philosopher literate; namely, literary dimension of his personality predominates over his philosophical character. Like other great literati and writer of the world, he was a master in all sciences and knowledge of his age including philosophy, speech, politics, and a verity of customs, beliefs and religions and in some of them he was skillful and adroit and wrote books and pamphlets. Among classic writers, the main advantage of Al- Jahiz was in that like the contransitory and modern well- known authors, he has pondered about realities of life and daily problems of community including racism, differences in religions and beliefs and caste characteristics and even morality and behavior of individuals while ignoring ideal community or so-called Utopia. He did not intend to create an ideal socity in his mind in order to laed people toward such community, but instead he made effort only to identify and making the community known at his time. In his philosophical thoughts and contemplations, he was thinking about sensible and tangible realities like Greek naturalist philosophers before Socrates while he has avoided from metaphysical generalities and abstractions beyond feeling and senses. Al-Jahiz was a mirthful and smiley writer and philosopher and loved all states of life and like Volter; he both laughed himself and made the others to laugh.